Indie Authors

Sassafras loves local and indie authors! I am one. I know firsthand how much work and time and love goes into creating a book.

We’re very excited that you are interested in placing your book(s) in our store. Following are our eligibility requirements for self-published books. Please read all of the information before calling or visiting the store.


For a book to be eligible to be stocked at Sassafras, it must meet the following requirements: The book must be fully edited, have a professional cover and be a good fit for our store.  Each book will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Also, the book and/or author must have a Carolina connection.

Stocking Your Book

We only purchase books for our store through our distributors. If your book is eligible and is available on a returnable basis at a standard discount through either Baker & Taylor or Ingram, please submit a Stocking Request. We will carefully consider your book for Sassafras. We reserve the right to refuse any book we feel is not a good fit for our store.

If we choose to carry your book, we will let you know within 15 business days.


Please note that marketing and promotion is the responsibility of the author. Future orders will depend on sales and customer demand.

Find out information on working with Ingram here.
If you have any questions about getting your book stocked at Sassafras, please contact us.